V1connection, for Android™


V1connection, for Android™

V1connection, for Android™


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V1connection is a Bluetooth®-enabled module about the size of your thumb that wirelessly links V1 to your compatible Android device. Choose among three information screens at any time: one reproduces V1 front-panel warnings in real time, plus frequency and direction of the Priority Alert; another shows the continuously-updated Threat Picture featuring our new Arrow-in-the-Box concept, a revolutionary way of analyzing radar threats; yet another screen lists all threats within range, with direction, band ID and frequency for each, arranged by length of tracking time. A yellow "Box" symbol appears for each threat "in the Box."

V1connection also acts as the Master Controller for your V1 system, allowing you to revise programming, adjust SAVVY settings, change muting and computer modes, activate dark mode, save custom programming profiles for different trips, and more, all from your Android device.

Installation: Using the short, 3-inch cable (included), connect the RJ11 jack of the module to the ACC jack of V1's power adapter. Then download the free app, called V1connection, the app, at Google's Play Store on your device.

Important compatibility requirements: Your device must have Android Operating System 2.3 or higher and (this is important) support Serial Port Profile (SPP) over Bluetooth. A screen resolution of 800x480 or larger is desirable for optimal viewing, but not essential.

V1connection works with all V1s but its full capability is available only from V1s with ESP. (Check for the ESP logo on the front panel below the Control Knob.) On pre-ESP V1s, or when using a pre-ESP Concealed Display or Remote Audio Adapter, your handheld will serve as a wireless remote display of all of V1's front-panel warnings, but other functions and screens are unavailable.

Includes: Power cord, 3-inch; beaded tie strap; self-stick wire clip


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